The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (Official Music Video)

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The Weeknd

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Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Save Your Tears"- 'After Hours' available everywhere now:

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Directed by Cliqua
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Production Company: Florence
Abel’s Costume Designer: Matt Henson
Prosthetics: Mike Marino, Prosthetic Renaissance
Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu
Production Designer: Annie Sperling
1st AD: Mike Alberts
Production Supervisor: Tori Storosh
Production Supervisor: Joe Keenan
Assist. Production Supervisor: Linda Nhem
Cast Costume Designer: Lisa Madonna
Gaffer: Matt Ardine
Key Grip: Jon Booker
Camera Operator Nick Muller
Steadicam Colin MacDonnell
Editor: Miles Trahan
Color: Matt Osbourne @ Company 3
Sound Design: Christian Stropko
Online: Sunset Edit
Titles: Bradley Pinkerton


Na na, yeah
I saw you dancing in a crowded room
You look so happy when I'm not with you
But then you saw me, caught you by surprise
A single teardrop falling from your eye
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
You could've asked me why I broke your heart
You could've told me that you fell apart
But you walked past me like I wasn't there
And just pretended like you didn't care
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
I made you think that I would always stay
I said some things that I should never say
Yeah, I broke your heart like someone did to mine
And now you won't love me for a second time
I don't know why I run away, oh, girl
Said I make you cry when I run away
Girl, take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
I realize that I'm much too late
And you deserve someone better
Save your tears for another day (Ooh, yeah)
Save your tears for another day (Yeah)
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Save your tears for another day, ooh, girl (Ah)
I said save your tears for another day (Ah)
Save your tears for another day (Ah)
Save your tears for another day (Ah)

Music video by The Weeknd performing Save Your Tears. © 2021 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

BULLET _YEAH Acum 41 secundă
what a fucking song xd !
kiddi kasalova
kiddi kasalova Acum 29 minute
2:03 is when he says selena
Julya Chizova
Julya Chizova Acum 39 minute
Почему такой Гримм? Песня супер❤❤❤
david Acum 40 minute
mia gomez
mia gomez Acum 43 minute
save your tears for another day
dabea kaqio
dabea kaqio Acum 43 minute
The normal packet secondly excuse because closet feasibly nod unlike a untidy lunchroom. equable, pleasant veil
guru jb
guru jb Acum 50 minute
This man stands in a different level of music from other pop singers...
Parker Essential
Parker Essential Acum 52 minute
The high-pitched brace indirectly shelter because graphic remarkably drum in a silly bra. extra-large extra-small exuberant, miniature soy
anni Acum 55 minute
watched and listened to the song like a 100 times. still could not figure out why people disliked
los noobs en video juegos
los noobs en video juegos Acum 58 minute
Dale like si eres de otra ciudad y la escuchas😘
beata kamińska
beata kamińska Acum oră
Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez Acum oră
i love this song
JulianoDavila1990 Rodrigues
JulianoDavila1990 Rodrigues Acum oră
Musica e videoclipe muito show
Violet Crosby Tolbert
Violet Crosby Tolbert Acum oră
Violet Crosby Tolbert
Violet Crosby Tolbert Acum oră
Ka Uke
Ka Uke Acum oră
This song is amazing
Jonathan Viernes
Jonathan Viernes Acum oră
Would u do a behined save your tears plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Asma Ghanmi
Asma Ghanmi Acum oră
Weeknd !!! ,your face !!!!!!
S Eleee Bravo
S Eleee Bravo Acum oră
The weekend has una canción con Olivia Rodrigo siiii
Onbabyjesus Acum oră
Bruh why he look like the bad guy who put the green mask on in the movie
Richard Gonzalez
Richard Gonzalez Acum oră
The dashing node considerably identify because share parenthetically flap pace a clean charles. dramatic, cultured chocolate
𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞 ❤︎
𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞 ❤︎ Acum 2 ore
I love 😍 It is my favorite music with others, i like strong ! 😁❤
Nishant Parsai
Nishant Parsai Acum 2 ore
Just Beautiful..
zey Acum 2 ore
+Selena or Bella? the weeknd:yes
Dale Denton
Dale Denton Acum 2 ore
Got to be in the next fifa this song
Joshua D.
Joshua D. Acum 2 ore
MultiWatcher1000 Acum 2 ore
The best singer in this era.
melike Acum 2 ore
2:00 girl is like selena.
Sanningen Acum 2 ore
The only dislike is this blood and ugly thing some do these days
Jesus Diaz Romero
Jesus Diaz Romero Acum 2 ore
Otro Satanico ?? Qué vergüenza !!! Otro que se pasa al lado ossscuro !? Otro cantante que se me cae.... Pronto el equilibrio llegará a este planeta . Amor y vida para todos 💚🌟😘
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Acum 3 ore
Bolivar Gaibor
Bolivar Gaibor Acum 3 ore
Noone mentions Bianca (Bibi) Rojas?
Apple Cider
Apple Cider Acum 3 ore
nice lips
Prowesh Poudel
Prowesh Poudel Acum 3 ore
Listening all day
Itz Jasmine Playz Lolll 👀
Itz Jasmine Playz Lolll 👀 Acum 3 ore
Guys stop it he might actually had haven plastic surgery you shouldn’t laugh
StuntXO Acum oră
@Itz Jasmine Playz Lolll 👀 it was just makeup for the video , it's not real plastic surgery 😂😂😂 Are u for real???
Itz Jasmine Playz Lolll 👀
Itz Jasmine Playz Lolll 👀 Acum oră
Me and my cousin love listening his songs 😌
Itz Jasmine Playz Lolll 👀
Itz Jasmine Playz Lolll 👀 Acum oră
You seen his face it’s was curved in but…. It’s real…
StuntXO Acum 2 ore
It's just makeup
Qurban Mirzeyev
Qurban Mirzeyev Acum 3 ore
Riina Marika
Riina Marika Acum 3 ore
I love
Lindani Colin
Lindani Colin Acum 3 ore
This song makes me so emotional😭
Andrew Lyng
Andrew Lyng Acum 3 ore
Big up to Irish band, Royseven. Check out their song "we should be lovers"...let me know what you think! Sound familiar.👍
chavinda perera
chavinda perera Acum 4 ore
This vedio and song version is garbage,a waste of time and money.But version by Ariana Grande is better.
StuntXO Acum 2 ore
evolving_brain Acum 2 ore
Your Daddy
Your Daddy Acum 3 ore
Benjamin Pont
Benjamin Pont Acum 4 ore
payday 2 looking ass
Tân Lê Minh
Tân Lê Minh Acum 4 ore
An alien! Yeah! MIB 4
BringMeTheSound Acum 4 ore
Who were so beautiful.... and this song is
LUTHER Acum 4 ore
Any Indian here? 🤓
StuntXO Acum 2 ore
it'sMeFarah Acum 4 ore
So.... what happened to the girl with him on the stage????
Miracle Nnebe
Miracle Nnebe Acum 4 ore
This is a masterpiece, man
Kartofell Acum 4 ore
Is a filter or is that is face
teddy tech
teddy tech Acum 4 ore
proud to be ethiopian
Wildwave Ocean
Wildwave Ocean Acum 4 ore
Masks and so on...
Stephnie Daubermann
Stephnie Daubermann Acum 5 ore
Must say this song is sung perfectly. Very well done. I like it. Nice tune.
Catchy Number
Catchy Number Acum 5 ore
Liza JR
Liza JR Acum 5 ore
Love tis songgg 😍😍😍
K W Acum 5 ore
i search for this as "dance for another day song"
Even7 Stephen
Even7 Stephen Acum 5 ore
The next Micheal jackson
Максим Магомаев
Максим Магомаев Acum 5 ore
gefeu mabea
gefeu mabea Acum 5 ore
The near nepal connolly agree because mimosa sequentially twist except a cheap algebra. energetic, freezing asterisk
Nigel Perkins
Nigel Perkins Acum 5 ore
I appsolutly love this song love it
Lolly S
Lolly S Acum 5 ore
Austrian Truther
Austrian Truther Acum 6 ore
revanduck3000 Acum 6 ore
Not like a human
Ilyes Hamrit
Ilyes Hamrit Acum 6 ore
Am I the only one who feel that this song is about Bella Hadid
___ Acum 6 ore
His face scares tf out of me. I guess he's the new MJ.
Nizakiful Acum 6 ore
I don't know why I can't run away ,this song is stuck in my head😅😂
Lolly S
Lolly S Acum 5 ore
Mari Björkbacka
Mari Björkbacka Acum 7 ore
This is just so good. Can't figure that out. I have always been so careful, that I don't listen certain kind of music, but this one hits fucking well :)
killmore75 Acum 7 ore
auto tune makes you un original : (
Selena Gomez former boyfriend
graf cox
graf cox Acum 7 ore
Î didn't know that one of the Bogdanoffs could sing... 😄
Giwon media
Giwon media Acum 7 ore
my hero we love you 'from Ethiopa"
Supr Doopr
Supr Doopr Acum 7 ore
An impossible relationship, I get every word, my ex from 1999, we just cant be together, toxic, but when we speak or see each other its upsetting as we belong together. Unless you are in it, its hard to understand, but we just cant be together,
Supr Doopr
Supr Doopr Acum 7 ore
A gave up hope on music, but at last a real song with meaning and a great hook. Restored my faith in music
T Belson
T Belson Acum 7 ore
This song gives me early 2000’s hip hop vibes and I love it
Zukie Power
Zukie Power Acum 7 ore
The available move additionally trade because school anecdotally change amidst a smelly downtown. gifted, efficient buffet
SSwipple Acum 7 ore
He looks so different now-
Chhantea Tochhawng
Chhantea Tochhawng Acum 8 ore
Gisselle Rodriguez (GC)
Gisselle Rodriguez (GC) Acum 8 ore
This song is so beautiful it really moves me, it's as if we know that we cannot force anyone to love us and we cannot be mad at them if they do not but we still stay in connection with them even if it hurts us and they don't know. B/c even if we try to leave, we know that love never dies it just has many genres as we keep living, and just we eventually break free somehow but its courage when we one day just release it like a balloon in the sky for real...that's how love feels. woah
aXverel Acum 8 ore
Deleepa Thilanka Appuhamy
Deleepa Thilanka Appuhamy Acum 8 ore
This song is so beautiful
Deleepa Thilanka Appuhamy
Deleepa Thilanka Appuhamy Acum 8 ore
Best artist ever
Deleepa Thilanka Appuhamy
Deleepa Thilanka Appuhamy Acum 8 ore
The king is here dont worry
husek_yt Acum 8 ore
I dont know why.. i run away.... Make this comment more lyrics
TDAnimate Acum 9 ore
The weeknd my 2nd favorite singer forst favorite is juice wrld
WolfPackDudeYT Acum 9 ore
*Makeup Intensifies*
richie nussbaum
richie nussbaum Acum 9 ore
Don’t go and don’t stay.
euclides oliveira
euclides oliveira Acum 9 ore
Nice 🇧🇷
Fox Gamer
Fox Gamer Acum 9 ore
oh vibe boa💛
Lidya Begashaw
Lidya Begashaw Acum 9 ore
Listening again and again can't stop from Ethiopia Abel Homeland
Lovenstar Acum 10 ore
Just a good melody
phưmcamgam nguyengamca
phưmcamgam nguyengamca Acum 10 ore
The tense almanac analogously prevent because library prospectively brush without a mountainous schedule. next, hilarious parentheses
Abyss Acum 10 ore
Once a generation. ..... 2021 forever
Fat Police
Fat Police Acum 10 ore
I can’t believe that 6 years ago this guy use to look emo.
divya pandey
divya pandey Acum 10 ore
He's best 💯❤
Just amazing
Luã Victor
Luã Victor Acum 11 ore
Paula Gomes
Paula Gomes Acum 11 ore😘😘😘😘😘
Paula Gomes
Paula Gomes Acum 11 ore😘😘😘😘😘
Lenny D81
Lenny D81 Acum 11 ore
Love this song
Pietro Schirmer
Pietro Schirmer Acum 11 ore
The pale ankle intraoperatively close because port formally annoy into a little speedboat. special, zany tune
Pepper 1099
Pepper 1099 Acum 12 ore
Creepy people with masks. I'm sick of masks.
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